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My name is Lauren Hanley and I am a Colorado native that traded my beautiful mountains for the beaches of North Carolina. We are a military family and have been fortunate enough to be stationed in some really amazing places but for now we will call North Carolina home. My husband and I have been married for 11 years (together for 15) and we have two amazing children! As a young child I always knew that I was different from my peers because I was able to hear (clairaudient) and feel (clairsentient) spirit in the form of dead loved ones and angels. I talked about it mostly amongst my closest friends and family but never truly discussed my gifts in detail. I went about the remainder of my adolescences acting as a typical child, completely ignoring my gifts. Some say that if you ignore your life path long enough that your guides will intervene to steer you in the right direction. My intervention came in like a crash. Literally. It was when I was 32 weeks pregnant, with my son, that I was hit head on at a collective rate of speed of 100 mph. It was this accident that catapulted me into my spiritual awakening and bringing me to my true life path. Leading up to my awakening, I had developed a multitude of health issues including PCOS, anxiety and PTSD (from the accident). It was through my awakening and adopting a holistic health lifestlye that I was able to heal myself without medication and find my calling in life- to be an intuitive healer. As an intuitive healer I am able to identify underlying health issues with help from the spirit realm (guides, angels and archangels). While I am still in the “discovering the extent of my gift” phase of life, I wanted to start my blog to bring you with me on my self-discovery journey and shed some light on the subject! On the blog you will find holistic health tips, essential oil tricks and all things spiritual! You may even stumble upon some of my everyday crazy; because being a military family and a mom of 2 littles makes for plenty of entertainment!


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