I am very passionate about living a holistic lifestyle and I love sharing why I choose to live this way, in hopes that it may help someone else. When I was 32 weeks pregnant with my son, I was hit head on at a collective rate of speed of 100 mph. While I was physically in ok condition the mental scar from the accident was profound. The night terrors, irritability, anxiety and flash backs left me feeling like I left part of me in the field that fateful day. It was during this time that my spiritual awakening kicked into full swing. Though it has been one heck of a journey and I am still not 100% sure where I want to head with the whole thing, I do know that I am an intuitive healer.

If your unfamiliar with the term, an intuitive healer is not someone who you go to, to heal your ailments. Rather, they are someone who helps shine a light for you to identify your underlying troubles that allows you to heal yourself. Hang in there with me for a moment while we get a tad metaphysical. Essentially, every moment of your life, it does not matter how mundane and boring you think it is, translates into part of your biology. So, what this means, is that whatever we surround ourselves with, what food we put into our bodies, the thoughts that we think can all impact our health. This is why it is so important to eat nourishing food, to keep the chemicals out of our bodies and to always keep our thoughts in balance! I cannot say this enough and you will hear me get on my soap box about this from time to time!

By definition holistic means that everything is interconnected and things can only be explained by referencing everything as a whole. A holistic lifestyle just means that I choose to live a life that is both natural to me and the world in which I live because everything is interconnected. The benefits of living holistically can be found in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Meditation/yoga, clean eating and what environment you have surrounded yourself with are the some of the best things that you could do to regain your health in a holistic manner!

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga are both incredible tools when looking to heal the complete body with a holistic approach. I know you are thinking that this is extremely stereotypical of me but there is a reason why so many people turn to these two things when trying to heal ailments.
Yoga is well known for the physical benefits such as increased flexibility and strength. What often gets over looked is that yoga can actually help stimulate the bodies built- in self-healing systems. It helps promote mental calmness, reduces chronic pain and promotes healthy coping skills during stressful time periods. What’s even better, is that anyone can practice yoga! You are never too young or too old to reap the many benefits. There are hundreds of different styles of yoga, you would be sure to find something that fits your lifestyle!

Meditation has a stigma that only really cool people with “supernatural” abilities (like me) can practice! This is absolutely not the case! Meditation is something that everyone can use because there are so many different things to meditate about and the benefits are endless. Some benefits of meditation can be stress reduction, higher levels of self-awareness, better sleep, and improved blood pressure. I tend to meditate when I need to shake off something that’s bothering me or I am in need of relaxing. It is amazing what 5 minutes of meditation can fix! I know that it can be hard sometimes to sit with your own thoughts and you may feel like you have no idea what you are doing. Just remember that there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Try to surrender your thoughts and focus on releasing what no longer serves you.

Clean eating

I am sure that you have heard the phrase, “you are what you eat” and this could not be more accurate. You cannot expect to feel like a million bucks if you eat from the dollar menu! Eating a clean diet is best the form of self-respect that you could ever show yourself. I learned this myself, through the school of hard knocks. At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I was placed on a low hormone birth control to help with the symptoms and lived a more or less uncomplicated life. However, I ate whatever I wanted with no real regard to health benefits (oh to have the metabolism of a teenager again!) It wasn’t until I came off birth control at the age of 24, when trying to get pregnant, that my health took a horrible turn for the worse. My hair started to fall out, I put on 40 lbs in two months without changing anything in my diet or exercise and my kidneys were under so much stress that I was borderline kidney failure. It continued like this for a year and half before I finally became pregnant with my daughter. Not a single doctor that I saw through this entire ordeal (even when I was 14) looked into my diet as the culprit behind my health struggles. I knew that if I wanted to regain my health, I was going need to do something drastic. I started buying organic meat, organic produce, I took out all inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, refined sugar and grains) and started adding in all healthy fats. It was a slow process, because I was undoing 26 years of damage, but the end results were truly remarkable. I am not saying that everyone needs such a drastic change in diet but if you are experiencing any abnormalities, you may want to look at changing things up within your diet and taking a more holistic approach.

Your Surroundings

I have always been a people pleaser. I absolutely want nothing more than for everyone to like me and I used to go out of my comfort zone to ensure that would happen. So, if your anything like me, you know that this can begin to take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. It has taken many years for me to feel comfortable in owning who I am and what serves me. I noticed that once I started removing all toxic relationships and things that did not serve my best interests that I was less stressed, less irritable, I was sleeping better and I was actually bringing people and situations into my life that had my best interests in mind! You will often hear this referred to as good/positive vibes and the law of attraction. Remember, that your diet is not just what you eat. It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read and the people that you hang around. So, always be mindful of the things that you are putting into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even the smallest of baby steps are still steps forward towards regaining your health! Start small and work at your own pace, but I guarantee that once you start seeing the positive changes, you will start to naturally want to try things with a holistic mindset! I am always here for you, so if your needing support or have questions please reach out, I want nothing more than to see you succeed!

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